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Bike Shipping

Wondering how to get that bike from point A to point B? Still can't figure out how to squeeze a big bike into that tiny box?

Shipping a bike can be a daunting task. We can help make it easy.

We professionally pack your bike the same way they arrive to us by our manufacturers. By placing foam and cardboard in all the right places, we'll give your bike the best chance to make sure that your bike arrives to its destination looking like it did when you left.

There can be a lot of questions about how to go about doing this, so we've broken it down into simple steps below.

What You Do

  1. Drop off you bike at the store
  2. Wait for us to box your bike - give us 5 business days (expedited rates available for faster turnaround)
  3. Check your email - we'll send you dimensions & weight for the box, also an invoice for the boxing fees
  4. Go to and create a shipment - you pick the destination, the speed, and the amount of insurance
  5. Forward us the email containing the shipping labels
  6. Sit back and relax!!!

What We Do

  1. Check in your bike
  2. Box your bike - we'll even provide the box and packing materials
  3. Measure box and weigh - we'll send you the info
  4. Send you an invoice
  5. Receive your shipping label via email
  6. Attach shipping label to box and give to freight carrier once payment of invoice is received

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We use for our bicycle shipping needs.