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Nothing else folds quite as compactly as a Brompton folding bike. It can be taken anywhere: on the subway, into the office, out to a restaurant, or even tucked into a coat check. This portability is the key, allowing you to fit a bike ride into your busy day to day life. If you want be able to take a bicycle anywhere you want, no matter the destination, then you need a Brompton foldable bike.

Simple Folding


Brompton is an incredible folding bike. You can take it anywhere and it is very easy to store.  Perfect for mobile homes & campers, small apartments, and bringing with you inside work.  You can even treat it as checked luggage when flying.



Handcrafted in London, Brompton bicycles are amongst the smallest and quickest folding bikes out there.  Design your very own on their custom bike builder - different colors, drivetrain options, and a ton of accessories.

Brompton Options


Make your Brompton yours.  Get the exact colors, gearing, and options you want to truly personalize your folding bike experience.  With 100's of different variations your Brompton can be one of a kind!

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