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Man and woman sitting on a bench next to a bike.


E-bikes, also called electric assist bikes, are becoming a larger and larger part of the bicycle industry.  These bikes allow riders to make trips to the store & work easier, extend the distance of riders sometimes quick to tire, or keep up with a faster friend or loved one.  Definitely NOT a motorcycle, these options assist you while pedaling to make your next ride even more enjoyable while still getting a workout.

Paved Trail & Commute E-bike

Paved Trail & Commute

Show up to work or school without getting sweaty.  Leave the car at home and go grocery shopping.  Explore those trails that you used to.  Trail & commute E-bikes can help you do it all.

Drop Bar eBike


Explore farther from home while making sure that you have what it takes to get back home.  Stay with the group ride without making them wait for you.  Cross Ragbrai off that bucket list.

Mountain E-bike


Make going up the hills just as fun as going down them.  E-mtb's make mountain biking more accessible to a wide range of bike riders.

A man and woman riding e-bikes in an old city street.


The majority of E-bike owners say that they purchased one for better health or fun.  Owners also report that they bike an average of 3.5 days per week (2.5 days a week more than traditional bike owners).

This isn't new to us.  There are tons of reasons why an E-bike purchase is a good idea.  Stop on in and chat with us on how an E-bike can make your next ride more fun.

A mother riding a tandem e-bike.

Flattening Hills

E-bikes seemingly flatten the hills by offering assistance when and where you need it.  Turn it off on the flat sections and turn it on when you meet that head wind or hill that you always thought wasn't fun.

E-bikes can also make it seem as if your bike is never carrying weight.  So load it up with groceries, work materials, or the kids.