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Smiling people riding their bikes near the capitol building.


In a country full of cars the bicycle seems to be the underdog. This is why the role of the bicycle advocate is so important. We partner with these advocates to help make it safe for the rest of us to ride our bikes.

Get out there and make a difference.  It's a whole lot easier if we all try together!


Local Advocacy

  • Iowa Bicycle Coalition - a state-wide non-profit group promoting bicycling in Iowa as a safe and enjoyable form of transportation and recreation. The Iowa Bicycle Coalition (IBC) also hosts the Iowa Bicycle Summit and is responsible for the "Share the Road" license plates seen on many vehicles.
  • - your one stop for all biking related events in Iowa and beyond.
  • Cedar Trails Partnership - the Cedar Valley's very own advocacy group. The Cedar Trails Partnership (CTP) is a non-profit, volunteer organization dedicated to the expansion and safety of the trails in the Cedar Valley.
  • Cedar Valley Assoc. for Soft Trails - the authority on local dirt trails.  These are the folks that maintain, build, and educate users about soft trails in the Cedar Valley.  Co-Founded by Bike Tech.

Nation Advocacy

  • League of American Bicyclists - the League of American Bicyclists exists to promote bicycling for fun, fitness, and transportation. They work through advocacy and education and is responsible for things like the Bicycle Friendly Community Program and the Safe Routes to School Program.
  • People for Bikes - the leading movement to improve bicycling in the U.S. By collaborating with millions of individual riders, businesses, community leaders, and elected officials, they're uniting Americans to boost bicycling on a national level for results that can be seen locally.
  • International Mountain Bike Association - the Internation Mountain Bike Association exists to protect, create, and enhance mountain biking worldwide. IMBA promotes responsible mountain biking, proper trail construction, bicycle safety and education, and healthy relationships with other trail user groups.


If you are wanting to make a difference, need a tax write-off, or just want to spend some money be sure to put these groups at the top of your list.  Bike Tech supports all of these organizations and hopefully you will as well!