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Muli-Use Bikes

Multi-Use Bikes

The perfect vehicle for exploring the Cedar Valley's 100+ miles of paved recreational trail.  These bikes feature upright and fairly upright riding positions just right for short to medium distance journeys out of the house in comfort.  Multi-use bikes are a great choice for you next family adventure, trip to the store or work, or just to breathe in some fresh air.

Trial Hybrids

Trail Hybrids

The perfect trail bike. Comfy seat, upright riding position, and ergonomic controls make this bike one of our top sellers. A tall wheel with wider, higher pressure tires makes this a stable, yet easy rolling bike.

Fitness Bikes

Fitness Hybrids

Flat-bar fitness hybrids provide the performance of a road bike with an upright, ergonomic riding position. Go explore the open road, paved trails, or city streets with this versatile machine.

Adventure Bikes

Adventure Hybrids

A hybrid bike with a little extra mountain bike mixed in. Front suspension and a smooth, yet meaty tire lets this bike feel at home on the paved trail as well as on the dirt.



We've taken some of your favorite multi-use bikes and given them a little extra oompfh.  Allow yourself to ride longer, farther, or keep up with a riding partner while still getting a great workout.



Essentially the same bike as the Trail Hybrid but with a smaller wheel and fatter tires. We recommend this bike to customers living on gravel roads or those who ride a lot of non-paved trails.

Classic Cruisers

Classic Cruisers

Looking for the bike you had growing up? Look no further. Cruisers make the right bike for just about any personality or color choice.