Everyone thinks that they are the best.  What really counts is what our customers say.

I stopped down to the shop and tell everyone how much I appreciate their help, but I also wanted to do it this way.  The triathlon in Madison was a long time coming.  Starting with very little fitness some years ago, to finishing the event is humbling, because I know it could not have been done without help.  Having the knowledge of folks like James, Jason, Johnny, and Ridder around all of the time helped me make decisions in regards to equipment and training.  Since the bike is a 1/3 of the event, and around half of the overall time, the effect of the shop, and events you put on, can not be overstated.  My hope is the whole crew takes some satisfaction in setting me up for this kind finish.

Anyone who comes into Bike Tech, for whatever cycling wish, is already heading in the right direction.

- JW
Lunchtime surprises are always a good endorsement.       - RB

Lunchtime surprises are always a good endorsement.

      - RB

Thanks a million, Brent and Bike Tech, my new wheel kept me rolling all the way to Guttenburg. Couldn't have done it without you, you're the best!

   - CS