Road Bikes

Endurance Road

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  • Endurance Carbon

The perfect blend of performance and comfort using carbon fiber technology. The ideal bike for longer rides or the more casual cyclist, the endurance road category bring performance road bikes to the masses.

Check out the Specialized Roubiax and Ruby (w).

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  • Endurance Aluminum

The sister-bike to the Endurance Carbon bike. Using aluminum as the primary frame material, these bikes add carbon in key areas to enhance its ride quality. Affordability, endurance, and comfort combine to bring the Endurance Aluminum road bike.

Check out the Specialized Diverge and Dolce (w).

Competitive Road

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  • Competitive Carbon

When speed and performance are required, look no further than Competitve Carbon. Built with the pinnacle of carbon technology, these bikes combine the ultimate in lightweight and stiffness for maximum efficiency. You'll feel like you're flying after the very first ride.

Check out the Specialized TarmacVenge, and Amira (w).

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  • Competitive Aluminum

The sister-bike to the Competitve Carbon bike. Using aluminum as the primary frame material, these bikes add carbon in key areas to enhance its ride quality. Affordability and performance combine to bring the Competitive Aluminum road bike.

Check out the Specialized Allez.

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Point A to Point B as fast as possible. Hundreds of hours of design time along with wind tunnel testing make these bikes a speed demon. Perfect for the multi-sport athlete or time trialist that needs to beat the clock and win or grab a personal best.

Check out the Specialized Shiv.

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The most versatile bikes in the road family - the do everything road bike. Able to handle pavement, grass, gravel, and dirt, cyclocross bikes feature extra room for larger tires and 'cheater' brakes. Cross bikes are a popular, do-everything bike with the commuter crowd.

Check out the Crux.


Life is an adventure and there are many bikes that can take you on a trip of a lifetime! From the gravel roads of Iowa, to the mountains of Alaska theses bike can be packed heavy and rode hard.

Check out the Specialized Sequoia and AWOL, and the Salsa Vaya, Marrakesh, and Fargo.



Ready to tackle the Trans Iowa, or maybe the Tour Divide is calling your name? These are your go to bikes. No time like the present to chase your dream.

Check out the Salsa Warbird and Cutthroat.