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Silca SuperPista Ultimate Hiro Edition

Silca SuperPista Ultimate Hiro Edition
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While "good enough" gets the job done, there is beauty in going above and beyond. The SILCA SuperPista Ultimate is the pinnacle of what a floor pump can achieve. From the highly accurate analog gauge to the magnetic HIRO dock to the lathe-turned Purpleheart wood handle, this floor pump embodies the SILCA mantra of passion, precision, performance.

- Full Stainless Steel, Aluminum, Wood and Brass Construction—NO PLASTICS
- SILCA Lifetime PLUS Shield Warranty—the most comprehensive warranty in all of Cycling
- Ergonomic Purpleheart wood and Investment Cast Stainless Steel Handle
- Full IGUS Linear Bearings for Ultimate Smoothness
- Thick Full Grain Leather Piston Gasket—More Efficient and Durable than Rubber!
- 1% Gauge Accuracy allows for Ultimate Ride Tuning