Bike Recall In The News

Recalls can happen to even the best brands.  Although this recall doesn't impact any of the brands we carry it does affect a brand that many of our customers ride.

Last week a major bike company, Trek, announced the largest bike recall in history. Nearly 1 million bikes, recalled because of a few incidences where the front quick release lever was able to fall into a wheel's disc brake rotor and lock up the front wheel. Improper use and lack of inspection of the quick release are likely the cause of this problem; however, given that one of the incidences led to an extremely-serious injury, we feel that placing blame is secondary to assuring safety.

It's so far unknown how many, if any, other brands might be affected; none of the brands we sell has either spoken of or issued a recall of their own. However, the quick release can only fall into the disc rotor if it's on the same side, so for now, we're recommending our customers move the quick release lever from the disc side to the opposite. We would be happy to assist you if you bring your bike to our shop, even if it's a bike you didn't purchase from us.

In the event there is a recall extending beyond just Trek, we will assist in every way possible to ensure your safety. Our customer's safety has always been our #1 priority - stop on in if you have any questions.