Mountain Bikes


Cross Country


High efficiency full suspension bikes designed to make you go as fast as possible while keeping the tires on the trail. These bikes help to take the edge off of bumps and keep acceleration to the max!

Check out the Specialized Epic and Era (w).


Old school performance meets today's high technology. Modern hardtails combine different frame materials and parts to make lightweight machines that are ready to fly.

Check out the Specialized Epic Hardtail, Women's Epic Hardtail and Jett (w), and from Salsa check out the Timberjack.



Trading a little efficiency for more suspension, Trail bikes will be able to handle just about anything that you can throw at it. Trail bikes feature an additional 1-2 inches of suspension and a longer wheelbase helping you to go fast when you go down the hills.

Check out the Specialized Stumpjumper FSR and Camber.



Whether looking for a first mountain bike or a solid ride to get around town a Recreational Hardtail will get the job done for you. Everything you need to hit the streets, get to school, or spend a little time in the dirt. Makes a great transition from Juvenile to adult bikes.

Check out the Specialized Rockhopper, Pitch, and Hardrock or Jynx (w) and Myka (w).



Screenshot 2014-11-04 17.00.41.png

Looking for MORE bike!  Look no further, fat tire bikes are the way to go, increased traction and floatation for traveling on snow, sand or your favorite trail. 

Check out the Specialized Fatboy and Hellga (w). In Salsa check out the Mukluk, Beargrease, and Bucksaw. And in Surly the Ice Cream Truck and Wednesday.