Having the right gear is important in making your next bikepacking adventure a success.  There are dozens of pack lists online but here are a few general items you'll need to make one of our trips great.

Bicycle Equipment & Apparel

  • an appropriate bicycle in good working order.  Not sure?  Please ask us.
  • racks and/or bags to carry stuff.  Remember, we don't need the kitchen sink.
  • normal riding gear, an extra pair of shorts, a jacket
  • GPS, lights, mini-tool, flat fix kit

Camping Gear & Grub

  • shelter - tent, tarp, etc.  Something to keep the rain & mosquitoes away.
  • night gear - sleeping bag, pad, pillow.  Something to keep you warm and off the ground.
  • cookwear -
  • food - simple, simple, simple.  We aren't cooking Christmas dinner.  Small, easy to cook items with lots of calories and flavor.

Need help with some of the non-bicycle related equipment?  Visit the outdoor professionals at CrawDaddy Outdoors.  They've got everything you need, except for the bike, to make your next bikepacking trip great.