Electric bikes, sometimes called pedalecs, are becoming a larger and larger part of the bicycle industry.  These bikes allow riders to make trips to the store easier, extend the distance of riders sometimes quick to tire, or keep up with a faster friend or loved one.  Definitely NOT a motorcycle, these options assist you while pedaling to make your next ride even more enjoyable.


Bike specifically designed for integration of battery and motor.  These bikes typically ride and handle better, are have more eye appeal, and are more economical than aftermarket solutions.  Equipped with quality components from industry leaders like Shimano and Currie Technologies, these bikes will add smiles to your miles.

Check out complete E-bikes from Raleigh & Electra.

RetroFit Kits

Want to add a little umphf to that bike or trike that you already love?  A complete option isn't available for your style of bike?  Try a retrofit kit.  We'll install a new wheel, a battery, and control console giving you what you need to meet your cycling goals.

Check out retrofit products from BionX.