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Hands down the smartest piece of equipment that a cyclist can own.  Today's helmets aren't the lame, hot dork hats you grew up hating.  Modern helmets are lightweight and well ventilated with simple and comfortable fitting systems.


Your rear end is one of 3 contact points between you and the bike.  Cycling shorts put a synthetic wicking pad between you and the bike eliminating friction and adding comfort.  The compressive nature of the materials also has performance benefits for all levels.  Also available in baggy fitting styles.


A cycling specific top that is so much more than Under Armor.  Cycling tops help wick sweat away, have built-in pockets for snacks and keys, and can also boost your resistance to the sun's UV rays.  A jersey's drop tail also hides your waistband - just ask the person riding behind you.  Available in a variety of styles and cuts from form fitting to baggy.



Your hands are another contact point between you and your bike.  Glove provide different amounts of padding that can help reduce hand fatigue as well as absorb road vibration.  Also a great way to wipe sweat from your brow.


The final, and probably most important, contact point between you and the bike.  Cycling shoes add a great deal of efficiency to your next ride while giving you a more 'connected' feel to your machine.  Expect a huge difference when you first hop on.

The above items highlight the clothing essentials to make your next ride fun and comfortable.  There are many more pieces of clothing that can make that next ride even better.  Stop in to ask us how the right clothing might be able change how you ride!