Saddle Library

The bike store is a lot like a library - there are vast amounts of knowledge that live within its walls.  In 2019 Bike Tech is adding to that library by adding a lending system for a very intimate part of your bike - the saddle.

Each one of our derrieres is shaped slightly different, with our own riding styles and definitions of comfort.  Finding the perfect fit for your rear end can be challenging.  Let us help you to discover the best saddle for you by 'checking out' options that we think might be a good fit for you.

This is your chance to try before you buy - welcome to our Library.

How Does It Work?

Step 1 - Stop in and chat with us.  We're going to ask you questions like:

How much/often do you ride?  and What don't you like about your current saddle?

We'll start to develop some recommendations to start with based off of your answers.

Step 2 - $40 buys your library card which gives you access to any of the saddles in our library and 4 installations*.

If you decide to purchase a saddle you've tried, the $40 goes towards its purchase.

Step 3 - Bring your bike in and we'll professionally install the saddle.  You'll have 7 days** to make sure it's a good fit.

Plan on getting at least one or two good rides in to make sure.

Step 4 - Winner?  Bring the test saddle back and we'll swap it for a brand new one.  Not a perfect fit? Let's give another saddle a try.

Policies & Fees

Saddles must be returned in the condition that they left the store in.

* Additional saddle installation charged at normal shop rate.

** A late charge of $2/day will be charged if not communicated ahead of time.
Late fees do not apply to purchase of saddle.