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Maintenance & Repair

Maintenance & Repair

Having a properly maintained bicycle is important for a variety of reasons. A properly functioning bicycle will ensure your safety, fix small problems before they become big ones, and most importantly, add to your enjoyment while riding.

We can either repair or find a solution to almost any problem that you might show us. Our staff has experience building a $12,000 race machine to restoring the one speed bike you grew up with 40 years ago. If it's a small tweak or a major overhaul, the staff at Bike Tech can help.

Bike Tech has one of the most advanced service departments in Iowa. Our shop has a Crest ultrasonic parts washer, a Morizumi spoke cutter (one of about 20 in the country at time of purchase), and a computerized workorder tracking system. We can tell you what we did to your bike last time it was here and what recommendations we had for the next time you bring it in.

Comprehensive Tune-Up Packages

Our best value and most complete service options for your bike.  We'll fine tune your bike so that it is shifting as good as new and let you know what parts may need to be replaced and why.  Perfect for catching small problems before they become big ones.

Visit us today for a free inspection and no obligation estimate.

Basic Tune

$75 (Mar - Oct)

$TBD* (Nov - Feb)

- light cleaning & lubrication

- shifting & braking adjustments

- bearing adjustments

- lateral wheel truing

- test ride

- add a wash + $10

Annual Tune

$150 (Mar - Oct)

$TBD* (Nov - Feb)

Includes all items from the
Basic Tune plus:

- bike wash

- ultrasonic drivetrain cleaning

Major Tune

$250 (Mar - Oct)

$TBD* (Nov - Feb)

Includes all items from the
Annual Tune plus:

- complete disassembly of bike

- wax & polish of frame & fork

- overhaul of all bearings

- includes installation of new parts

*Parts not included.  Additional installation charges may apply depending on type of tune up.

Tune-Up prices listed above apply to multi-speed bikes only. Prices vary for tandems and recumbent bikes. Please call for specific pricing.

E-bike Service

Your electric assist bike isn't like the bike you grew up with.  Modern e-bikes have complex electronics that can be upgraded via firmware or can assist in the diagnosis of a potential issue.  We have the tools and expertise to work on the industry's top E-bike brands.  Our service staff will work on E-bike brands and motors sytems from the following manufacturers:

Bosch, Shimano, Specialized, Giant, and BionX.  Mahle and Fazua coming soon.

We understand that there are hundreds of different brands of e-bikes out there.  While we are not trained on many of these systems we can often help troubleshoot solutions.  As many of these motor systems do not have diagnostic outputs we treat these repairs on a time and materials basis.  We charge a non-reundable, prepaid $100 diagnostic fee for these services.

Note:  Studies show E-biker ride more than traditional bike riders.  Service needs may be more frequent as parts will wear out faster with more usage.

Manufacturer Recommended Service Intervals

Your bike is more than just a chain and some shifters.  Bikes today can sometimes include complex components like suspension forks and shocks, hydraulic disc brakes, and can be equipped with tires that don't need tubes to hold air.  Routine maintenance of these components can prevent costly repair in the future while adding years of like-new performance to your bike.

Visit us today to talk about how we can maintain your bike's more complex parts.


Suspension forks, shocks, and seatposts all need periodic service to ensure proper function and prevent costly damage to critical components.

Suspension makers recommend service every 50 and 100-200 hours.

Hydraulic Brakes

Keep those disc brake stopping on a dime by making sure your fluids are uncontaminated and pistons are clean and lubricated.

Hydraulic brake makers recommend changing your fluids annually.

Tubeless Tires

The benefits of tubeless are obvious but did you know that sealant evaporates over time?  Sealant makers recommend refreshing your sealant levels every 2 to 6 months.

We recommend topping off your tires every 4 to 6 months.

A La Carte/Individual Service Options

Great options for fixing immediate needs or fast fixes in between regular service visits.  Many of these can be done same day or while you wait.



Shifting Adjustment

From $12

Braking Adjustment

From $12

Wheel Truing

From $15

Tube/Tire Installation


Tubeless Conversion

From $25

Tubeless Refresh




Bike Wash, Polish, & Lube


Bike Assembly

From $100

Wheel Build

From $50

Ultrasonic Drivetrain Cleaning




Shop Rate


*labor prices listed/quoted are for parts & accessories purchased from Bike Tech

Next Day

completed by 10am the following
business day

package + 50%

  Expedited Service  

  jump to the head of the line to  
  get it done even faster  

Same Day

completed by 6pm w/ 2 hour notice
(excludes Major Tune)

package + 100%