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Bicycle Fitting - Not Just For The Pros!

Every rider and every bike, no matter how slow or fast, can benefit from the results of a professional bike fit.  Bicycle fitting can increase comfort, prevent or accomodate injuries, and can supercharge your pedalling efficiency.  Whether you are the weekend enthusiast or the seasoned racer, a bicycle fit is for you.

We utilize the same Retul fitting system here at Bike Tech as is used on Pro Tour riders and top triathletes.  Described as the most advanced bicycle fitting system on the market today, Retul incorporates 3D motion capture technology to get millimeter specific, highly accurate results.  It then takes your data, allows us to make beneficial changes to meet your goals, and then generates a personalized report.

Interesting the the process?  Click HERE.


Increased Comfort

ho doesn't like being comfortable?  Increased comfort will make you and your bike inseparable.


Injury Prevention

Address soreness and prevent injury by aligning your bike to match your body.


Performance Gains

Gain every bit of efficiency out of your riding position to turn you and your bike into a rocketship.

Retul Sizing Session

Concentrating on the touch points between you and your bike.  In our Sizing Session we address the three points where your body interacts with the bicycle - saddle, feet, and hands.  We'll examine your saddle and saddle height, evaluate your shoes, and make adjustments to your handlebars.  You'll feel more comfortable and connected to your bike at the end of the process.

Cost: $75, free w/ bike purchase* - approximately 45 to 60 minutes

Retul Fit Session

In a Fit Session we build upon the work done in the Sizing Session and dial in all the fit adjustments that can be done to your bike and equipment.  First we start with 10 point pre-fit assessment.  Next, we dig deeper into your bike's contact points and examine your body's pedalling mechanics using an advanced motion capture software system.

Includes a computer generated fit report and follow up visit 30 days after completion.

Cost: $200, $125 w/ bike purchase*- approximately 2 to 3 hours

Retul Annual Fit Follow-Up

Your body is constantly changing and so might your bike fit.  Our Annual Fit Follow-Up re-verifies measurements from your previous fit and takes into consideration any changes your body may have had over the last year - things like loss of flexibility, injury, and weight loss/gain to name just a few.

Keep your riding happy with a yearly tune-up for your body.

Cost: $95

Retul Saddle Sizing

Looking to purchase a new saddle?  Looking to increase comfort?

We'll measure your Ischial Tuberosity (sit bones) width, install a new saddle, and determine a basic saddle height adjustment.

A Retul Saddle Sizing is included in the Retul Sizing (see above).

Cost: $40

Retul Shoe Fit

Bringing an extra set of shoes to your fit?  Buying a new set of shoes?

During our Retul Shoe Fit we'll measure your foot's arch and properly position your cleats.  Your feet will never feel more connected to your bike.

Cost: $40