Having a properly maintained bicycle is important for a variety of reasons. A properly functioning bicycle will ensure your safety, fix small problems before they become big ones, and most importantly, add to your enjoyment while riding.


We can either repair or find a solution to almost any problem that you might show us. Our staff has experience building a $12,000 race machine to restoring the one speed bike you grew up with 40 years ago. If it's a small tweak or a major overhaul, the staff at Bike Tech can help.


Bike Tech has one of the most advanced service departments in Iowa. Our shop has a Crest ultrasonic parts washer, a Morizumi spoke cutter (one of about 20 in the country), and a computerized workorder tracking system. We can tell you what we did to your bike last time it was here and what recommendations we had for the next time you bring it in.


We can also 'tune-up' your bike to personally fit you. Check out our professional fitting services


Repair Packagesultrasonic parts washer


Check Over/Safety Check @ $40

*checks funtionality and safety of bicycle

*minor adjustments to front and rear derailleur

*minor adjustments to front and rear brakes

*lube chain

*air up tires

*test ride


- not a substitute for an Annual Tune-Up


Sport Tune-Up @ $52

*adjust front and rear derailleur

*adjust front and rear brake

*true front and rear wheel

*adjust all serviceable bearings

*lube chain, cables, derailleur and brake pivots

*air up tires

*light cleaning of frame, components, and wheels (we don't charge extra like those other guys)

*test ride


Comp Tune-Up @ $90

*an Annual Tune-Up plus...

*removal of chain, cassette, right hand crank, front and rear derailleur

*solvent/ultrasonic cleaning of all removed parts - exclusive to the Cedar Valley

*test ride


Pro Tune-Up @ $175

*a Deluxe Ultrasonic Tune-Up plus...

*removal of most parts from frame

*thorough cleaning and waxing of frame

*overhaul headset, hubs, and bottom bracket

*installation of new cable and housing (if needed, but recommended)

*wrap handlebars

*test ride


Expedited Services

*same day - labor package (excluding Overhaul) complete by 6pm w/ 2 hour notice

Cost = Package Price + 100%


*next day - labor package complete by 10am following day

Cost = Package Price + 50%


Hourly Rates


$60 per hour



- parts and installation not included


- prices subject to change without notice


- prices listed are for standard multi-speed bikes... single speeds less, tandems more, etc.