Bike Tech carries a variety of manufacturers that cover nearly every experience that a cyclist could want. Be it road, mountain, or recreational trail - Bike Tech has a bike for you.


We have more choices of bikes today than ever before. While most bike riders don't have the space or budget (or spouse) to own one of everything, we can help you narrow the choices so that you don't have to.


Picking the right bike is important. So is the sizing and fit of the bike. We take time with each customer to ensure proper bike sizing and fit. Looking for more, we are the first in the Cedar Valley to offer professional bike fitting.


Below is a starting point to help find the perfect bike for you. Let our staff guide you through the selection process so that you can leave our store with the right bike that meets your cycling needs.




Want to explore the 80+ miles of pavel bike trail in the Cedarloo metro area? Save gas while commuting to work and the store? Get out of the house and get some exercise with the family? You might want to think about a city or recreation bike. This category will include hybrids and comfort bikes, cruisers, internally geared options, and single speeds.




Looking to feel the open road, get in shape, win that next race? Something from the road bike family might be for you. This category includes the classic road bike, triathlon/time trial bikes, touring bikes, cyclocross and track bikes.






Going off the beaten path? Mountain bikes can get past the mud, rocks, logs, and roots that will get in your way. This category includes various combinations of styles that include rigid, hardtail, dual suspension designs, single speeds, and the newer 29 inch mountain bikes.





Kids need great bikes, too! Whether it's getting around the neighborhood, getting to school, or hangin' with Mom and Dad on the trails, we have the right bike for your most important biker.







Some cycles just don't fit into any 'traditional' category. We're talking about tandems, recumbents, unicycles, and tricycles, just to name a few.







On a budget? Looking to try out biking for the first time? Pre-owned bikes offer great value. We also put our late model and demo bikes here.







Offering Bicycles From These Great Manufacturers



Specialized bikes




Electra bikes





Surly bikes









We can also look for others manufacturers. Don't be afraid to ask.