Professional Bicycle Fitting


bikefit3A professional bike fit can benefit the ride in a number of ways. It can alleviated pain, increase comfort, improve efficeincy, and minimize aerodynamic drag, only to name a few.


The rider contacts the bike in only three places - the pedals, the seat, and the handlebars. Each of these areas is observed during a bike fit. These three contact points, and their relationships to each and other parts of the body, can make the difference between wanting to ride 10 miles or 100 miles and first or second.


No two riders are the same. No two bike fits are the same either. Think of it as a tune up for you and your bike at the same time.



The Fit Process



Observation - Each fit session begins with an interview of the rider. We want to know why you are wanting a fit and your expectations for riding afterwards. Next, we watch the rider and begin to think about was to make improvements.








bikefit1Measurement - Measuring the rider and the bike, before, during, and after the fit session helps our fitters find the ideal body position for every rider. We electronically store this information in our computers so that we can email you the results. This information can also be used as your bicycling goals evolve or your body changes.






bikefit4Adjustment and Correction - During the fit we'll be making adjustments to your existing bike. This can be as simple as moving a saddle or seatpost, adjusting shoes or pedal systems, tilting handlebars. New parts such as saddles, stems, handlebars, and pedals may be needed to achieve the riding position most beneficial to each rider.






Note: Drastic changes to a bicycle can alter the way it handles. Therefore, starting with a properly sized bike is important. Sometimes a different frame size or bike may be part of recommended corrections.


bikefit5Feedback, feedback, feedback - Your fit doesn't end after the fit session. We want to hear back from you on the adjustments that were made after your body has had time to readjust itself. From there we may make additional slight adjustments to make it even better.





About The Fit Process

Bike Tech's Professional Fitting Service is currently scheduled by appointment either before or after our normal operating hours to minimize distractions during the fit process. Please bring with you cycling attire (bike shorts and jersey or snug fitting shirt) and shoes. Plan on spending an average of 2 hours with us during your fit session.


During the fit session we will examine saddle height and placement, handlebar and stem relationship, and the foot/pedal interface. Bike Tech uses the methods taught by Bike Fit and Specialized BG Fit.


bike fit systems

bg fit





Fitting Rates


Professional Fitting Sessions - all inclusive, 2 hour average

* Profession Fitting Session - $150

* Profession Fitting Session with New Bike Purchase - $100

* Profession Fitting Session with New Bike Purchase ($3500+) - included with purchase


* Pedal/Cleat Fit Session -


* Basic Fit Session - proper foot, knee, and reach positions, 1 hour



Fine Print

* one bike per fit session

* one pair of shoes per fit session (extra charge for 2nd pair)

* please bring parts you want to use to the fit session

* parts and installation costs not included fit session fee






"Better than sex!" - preferred to remain nameless (obvious reasons)


"I feel better connected to the pedals." - Matt


"My shoulders feel more relaxed." - Mitch